2010-08-11 Alan KnowlesJSDOC/TokenReader.js gitlive
2010-08-10 Alan KnowlesUpdate Packer code to working copy
2010-07-23 Alan KnowlesMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-23 Alan KnowlesRe-arrange files, add support for classic JS Documentor... origin/HEAD origin/master
2010-07-22 Alan KnowlesRe-arrange files, add support for classic JS Documentor...
2010-06-22 Alan KnowlesSync API with GLib GDir head
2010-06-22 Alan KnowlesForce overwriting of files when generated
2010-06-22 Alan KnowlesTidy up API - bit more documentation
2010-05-09 Alan Knowlescopy resources correctly
2010-05-08 Alan KnowlesAdd links to gir files, and tidy up code
2010-04-30 Alan Knowlesnicer layout on index page =a
2010-04-29 Alan Knowlestidy up template
2010-04-29 Alan KnowlesAdd Javascript Compressor, and new XObject base util...
2010-04-07 Elliot SmithRemoved redundant arguments from Gio function call...
2010-03-29 Elliot SmithAdded missing image assets
2010-03-29 Alan KnowlesRemove remaining diff tags
2010-03-29 Alan KnowlesFix generation of docs
2010-03-29 Alan Knowlesadding images
2010-03-29 Alan KnowlesCommit changes to top level
2010-03-29 Alan KnowlesMore commits to sync working copy
2010-03-29 Alan KnowlesCommit JSDOC changes to new api
2010-03-29 Alan KnowlesElliot's changes to the templates and adding all resour...
2010-03-29 Alan KnowlesRemove Roo dependancy, add Elliot's changes
2010-03-18 Alan Knowlesdoap file added
2010-03-18 Alan KnowlesAdd some notes so some of this makes sense
2010-03-18 Alan KnowlesIntial import